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Newslable News is a Hindi-language news Website owned by the Newslable News Private Limited formerly known as Newslable Enterprise. Founder of newslable.com is Ankit Koshiya – Journalist and Bachelor’s in Computer Apllications. It is associated with several other sister Websites channels.

Newslable News is providing Hindi news including various categories like: Hindi news, national news, sports news, health news, editorials, stories, national news, religion news, crime news. visit our website for more info on newslable.com

newslable.com readers includes a broad spectrum of intellectuals and professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, educationists, and businessman, besides common man and youth of this country.

We hope to continue our growth from a small digital media start-up to well read & respected new media platform without compromising our stance to become voice of those who are neglected.a